Wired TSM Dual Micro Tactile Switch PCB


This listing is for a wired PCB with switches pre-soldered (switches height of your choice). If you would like the wire to be connected to the solder pads in any specific orientation, don't hesitate to put notes in your order.

I designed these switch PCB's to support up to two 4x4 micro tactile switches. I wanted them to be small enough that they could be used in a variety of applications, either in a switch box or with the use of plungers via holes drilled into the hilt for us do it yourself people ;) They take solder like a dream and make wiring up a two switch solution so very easy!


Distance from switch center to center - 16mm (0.63")
Wire length included: 7" of black, yellow and blue pre-wired
PCB Length - 25.40mm (1")
PCB Width - 6.14mm (.24")
PCB Height - 1.23mm (0.04")