TSM Zero Hilt - Custom #1 (Proffie chassis included)


This listing is for a custom TSM Zero Hilt comprised of ZERO.1 and ZERO.3 parts. This kit includes a hand cut and shaped shroud that covers an exposed "energy gate" clear choke and houses two metal ball micro tactile switches. The shroud is secured using 2x brass 8-32 button head screws. A generous access path has been drilled into the clear choke to allow switch wires to be properly routed into the handle. This access hole is completely covered by the shroud and thus cannot be seen and protects the wires. I finally had time to design a custom chassis for this hilt and will include one with purchase. Chassis supports a Proffie v2.2, removable 18650 and a 28mm bass speaker.

Not only is this hilt completely designed, machined and finished here in Roanoke, VA - It is one of only three custom hilts produced in this series.

Kit includes all parts seen in the photos as well as hex keys for the various screws needed for a proper installation and a printed PLA+ chassis.