TSM ZERO.3 - Empty Hilt


TSM ZERO.3 hilt - As with all of my ZERO line of hilts, these are designed, machined and finished right here in Roanoke, VA! Made in the USA from start to finish. As with all of my "small batch saber" runs, only 50 units are being made - Truly a rare and unique piece.

Effective 7/20/2023 the ZERO.3 Chassis system is being updated and one unit will be included with each purchase (CFX,Proffie and GHv3 options available - Please specify in the order notes your board preference) and one or two button configuration.

The price includes the following components:

ZERO.3 hilt in the finish of your choice (See options below - Photos coming soon!)
Black thumb screw (blade retention) as shown in the photos
1x PLA printed chassis core
2x Button head screws for securing the rotating "reveal" doors
1x 6-32 Allen Key for the hidden pixel/LED holder (optional use depending on the chassis design)
1x 6-32 set screw
1x 3-32 Allen Key for the button head screws on the reveal door and chassis brackets

Raw Aluminum - Perfect for weathering and etching!
Raw Aluminum and Black - This option will be a raw aluminum body with a black pommel, black rotating doors, and black gear collar accent below the emitter.
Black & Raw Aluminum - This option will be a black anodized body with a raw aluminum pommel, raw aluminum doors and raw aluminum gear collar accent.

Specifications -

Length - 12-1/8"
Handle Width - 1.44"
Inner Diameter - 1.23" or (31.25mm)
Blade Compatibility - 1"