TSM Swoop Hilt (Empty)


I am pleased to announce that both finishes, Raw Aluminum (RA) and Matte Black hilts are now in hand and ready to ship!

Select from raw aluminum(RA) which is perfect for etching and chemical weathering, or an acid dipped matte black.

Included with each hilt will be the following items:

A chassis of your board choice (GHv3, Proffie or CFX) printed in a high-infill Matte PLA (Gray or Black)
2x Blade/pixel retention thumb screws (1x Red, 1x Black)
A digital download (or USB/SD card if cost allows) of a new font created specifically for this hilt ;))
3x Button options while supplies last - 1x Single Red Momentary Switch, 1x On/Off (Stunt) switch, 1x Dual Micro Tactile Switch Assembly (3D printed) - Includes two micro tactile switches!

Only 50 of this hilt are being made.