TSM Pixel Connector


I am proud to announce that TSM now offers its own hilt side pixel adapter. There are many different styles of this type of unit on the market today from excellent vendors such as KR/Shtok, CC Sabers, Shadowfoil Props, etc. So it only makes sense that TSM would have one produced to run along side our other product lines.

For independent control of the onboard pixels you have two methods. The first and easiest, is to simply add a sub blade in your blade configuration (Proffie and CFX can both accomplish this). The second method is to simply sever one of the data traces as outlined in the photo. The purple line would be the "cut" line. I would recommend using the configuration method, but I have tested 5 units with the cut method using an simple razer blade and all have worked perfectly.

Unlike the others with a standard round design, I have kept with my dodecagon (12 sided) shape, which provides a bit of uniqueness to the adapter (and makes it easy to put in a hobby vice!). Rest assured it fits perfectly well in a round holder should you already have one ;)

They feature 16 high quality binned and age tested pixels to provide bright and consistent colors for your build, and utilize 9 spring contacts to transfer power, ground and data to your blade. Lastly, it features on onboard resistor so no additional resistor is needed for a standard setup.

On the reverse side you will find one data in that utilizes the resistor and one data pad that bypasses the resistor. I am currently working on a write up to guide you through the setup and use, but for now, know that they are setup to mirror the blade

Wired units will include following wire pre-soldered.

1x 22AWG Red/Positive high temp silicone wire (12")
1x 22AWG Black/Negative high temp silicone wire (12")
1x 28AWG Green/Data high temp silicone wire (12")