TSM Blade Side Pixel PCB Connector (White & Purple)


I am pleased to announce that the TSM blade side PCBs are now available for immediate shipment! Choose from a PCB only or PCB with installed 0603 data line resistor.

Like other high quality blade side PCB's on the market, these gold coated, extra thick PCB's are extremely efficient with power delivery. The large solder pads make them a exceptionally easy to use and with little fear of accidentally bridging a pad.

These units can also be used for many different setups. The PCB is comprised of one extra large positive pad, one extra large negative pad and two data line solder pads to give you the choice of using, or not using, an 0603 resistor, without having to bridge that footprint for the PCB to function. ;)

Perfect for novice or experienced installers alike. Wholesale options are available. Shoot me a message with inquires. Enjoy!


Diameter - 18.35mm
Thickness - 1.65mm