TSM Accent Pixel "Ring" (Dodecagon)


These accent "rings" are a fantastic way to accent a chassis, pommel, or crystal chamber area on a hilt. I list these as a "ring" but they are actually 12 sided dodecagons, available in three sizes.

The small unit is the same approx. size as a single accent pixel that we all know and love 10mm x 10mm, but because there are multiple pixels surrounding the perimeter, you can animate them for an even more dramatic effect.

The medium unit is 12.9mm x 12.9mm and the large unit is approx. 15mm x 15mm.


The pixels on these units are among the brightest available on the market and were purchased from outside of the production factory specifically for the creation of these units.

Each "ring" has an operating range of 3.5V to 5V.

1x 5V positive pad, 1x ground, 1x data in, 2x data out ( secondary data pad on the back of the center pixel for additional chaining capability)

Each center section can be removed with flush cutters/snips and the function remains exactly the same as a "ring". See the last video for an example.