TSM 28mm 4ohm 3W Premium Speaker

28mm 4ohm 3+ Watt speaker. The loudest speaker I've used yet (honestly, these rival the WOW speaker in terms of volume). Great for pommels that aren't as well vented, or if you just like a really loud saber ;o)

Speaker only and Wired options available. Select Wired from the drop down menu and I will attach 6" of black and red 28-30G wire to your speaker and pre-tin the ends.

Recommended to start with the volume at 50-70% while breaking them in. Also of note, I have tested multiple wire gauges on these speakers and find that a 30 or 28G wire product great sound with no distortion. Larger gauge wire is great for extended/long runs, but is not necessary for speakers in most saber builds.

PSA - Do not solder to your board while the battery or the SD card is in ;)

I ship my speakers in the hard protective shell you see in the photos with a small piece of dense foam inside to keep the speaker from moving in transit.