Triangle Ring Installation Kit


These triangle ring installation kits make changing from a covertec a piece of cake and add a bit of flair to your saber build! Simply remove your covertec and replace with this three piece kit, or use a pre-drilled and tapped 8-32 or similar hole on your hilt to add one. Simple and effective.

Parts included:

1x Triangle ring & holder
1x Curved mounting plate - Black PA12 Nylon - (contours with most round hilts currently on the market) Multi Jet Fusion printed
2x Button head socket screws (stainless & black ) 8-32 - 1/4" long


The triangle ring itself is 33.3mm wide (1.30") by 30.5mm tall (1.20") with a thickness of 4mm (0.16")

**Please note - for LGT or YDD hilts, an M3 or M4 screw may be required (not supplied) and can be found at most hardware stores (Lowes/Home Depot/Ace Hardware etc.)**