The Arms Dealer - Sound Font - Digital Download


"The Arms Dealer" font embodies what I believe a Sith weapons dealers hilts might sound like. Listen for the distinct metal on metal ignition sound and enjoy the growl of the full bodied hum as your blade passes through your opponent. Like its light side counterpart, it sounds particularly good on a high quality 28mm bass speaker ;)

Check out the review/demo by my man Blue Mamba on Youtube! -

Each purchase includes the font formatted for each of the following soundboards - CFX, Proffie, GHv3, Verso and XenoPixel.

Multiple blaster, drag, lockup, stabs are included - 16 variations of clash and swings - and much more.

Due to the file size limitation of Etsy each board type is broken into individual folders. Please download all 5 zip files.