Switch Mount (12mm & 16mm)

Colors may vary (black, gray, red or gold). If you have a color preference, feel free to specify in the order notes.

Have you ever installed a 12mm or 16mm momentary switch into the rounded section of a hilt before? You either end up using some type of adhesive to ensure the nut doesn't get loose or you use a bit of Locktite on the threads, either way, it can be troublesome to remove. These simple internal adapters contour to the inside of a hilt and allow for a nice, flush place to mount the nut onto the back of the switch. Easy to install and to remove as needed.

Note - the 16mm switch mount is sized to work with a normal length (3/4" - 1") AV switch and is not recommended for use with the low profile 16mm screw post switches I sell on my shop. I hope to have a lower profile 16mm mount available soon for the shorter switches.

Switch and hilt shown, not included ;)