Star Harbor Sabers Veterum Chassis **STL FILES**


This listing is for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of STL files to print your own Star Harbor Veretum Chassis, designed for a CFX or Proffieboard (other boards available upon request). No electronics are included with the purchase of this digital download. I offer battery contact sets that will work perfectly with this chassis, I recommend the "no post" versions found on my shop. **Please see install notes below**

The chassis supports the CFX or Proffie board, Protected 18650 battery (KP 3000mAh 15A recommended), CC Sabers or similar sized pixel adapter, a 24mm bass speaker, and a 4x4 single micro tactile switch. I recommend the 1.7mm stem height. Printed versions that will include an install kit are coming soon!

Install notes:

This chassis design requires the use of a plunger to activate the switch. As shown in the photos, I took a 5mm LED bezel and cut the body from the head of the bezel. I then carefully glued the bezel head over the threaded button hole and inserted the LED "plunger" into the hole and bezel head after the e6000 set. Simple and fully removable should you ever change the type of button you want to use. I will be offering this kit very soon, pre cut and trimmed and will also include the 1.7mm stem micro tactile switch.

The negative battery tab will slide into the press fit holder built in to the model you print. The positive battery tab will need to be glued in place. I recommend e6000 gel - Its strong and cures in just a few hours. Once the tabs are glued into place, insert a protected 18650 to hold them until they set, I recommend leaving them overnight.

The card holder area was adjusted to allow the board to be lifted as needed to access the SD card. It is is a friction fit so sand as need to make it more easily removable. Kapton tape or a small dab of e6000 can be used to secure the card if you do not plan on frequently adding fonts or making adjustments.

Everything else is easy and straight forward! Enjoy the build!