SK6812 | 3535 - 144 Pixel Strip (1M)

SK6812 | 3535 | 144 LED - 1 Meter Strip. Same exceptional brightness as a 5050 but with a smaller footprint! Keep in mind that two strips are recommended for the creation of a blade (or three, as these work amazingly well for a triple strip blade) and this listing price is for one strip. These are great for blade creation or for a custom application (shock baton for instance) and are just as easy to work with as a standard size strip. These strips also have very tight spacing to reduce any dark spot in the center of the blade, but the pads are still big enough to allow you to shorten even further with a fine tip on your iron.

A 15 Amp or higher 18650 battery is recommended for solid illumination and optimal run time.


1M or 36" Length

7.2mm Width