Single LED Lens (1 up)

One up LED Lens. These are the ideal lens to use with Luxeon rebels or one up Cree LED's. Made from poly-carbonate, they are extremely durable and crystal clear, allowing light to pass through with ease. Ideally these should be used with an LED heat-sink assembly like the ones I sell in my shop. I also now include a centering ring which will ensure a perfectly centered lens while screwing into the holder.

With these lens units, I recommend the following steps to ensure a centered placement. Start by securing the LED to your heat-sink base with a thermal pad or paste. Place the one up lens on top of the LED unit and begin to screw the base into the holder. While you turn the base, use your finger to keep the lens centered on the LED and tighten slowly until snug. You can also just use the included centering ring ;o)