SF The Count Install Kit


Did you purchase a SF scratch and dent kit only to receive "The Count" without any install accessories? I've got you covered.

This kit includes the following components:

1x Battery and Board Holder (Designed for the GHv3p4) **Proffie coming soon**
1x 22mm Speaker Adapter
1x Switch spacer
2x Micro Tactile switch options
1x 12mm Recharge Port
1x Low Profile NPXL holder for use in the emitter to negate the need for a thread in blade.
1x Kill Key for RCP usage (not shown in photos but included)

Install notes:

If using the 22mm Speaker adapter, glue the speaker to holder and then insert into cavity in pommel. Additional adhesive can be used on the holder for the best fit. e6000 recommended.

The tiny switch spacer protects the legs of the micro tactile switch from touching the aluminum button holder area in the red switch. A small bit of sanding may be required as its a tight fit.

The 12mm black Recharge Port is to be glued in place using e6000/superglue and allowed to cure before handling.

The low profile Shtok NPXL holder can also be glued into place using e6000 or a set screw can be carefully drilled/tapped.