SF Cyber Assassin Chassis inserts


I designed these inserts to make installing the curved SF Cyber Assassin hilt a breeze! The kit allows for a removable battery using two angled holders and a set of no post battery contacts, and also includes three board holders - Proffie, Verso 1.0/2.0, and GHv3. CFX Support coming soon, as well as a pixel PCB holder for use in the emitter.

Install notes:

Only the negative contact holder needs to be secured using adhesive. In testing I found that e6000 gel worked best, and should be glued in place after inserting your speaker into the built in area in the pommel. For added support the negative contact holder should be lightly touching the back of the speaker.

The positive contact holder is press fit as well, but can be glued for security. The board holders are a tight press fit into the rectangular slot built into the black handle plates, and should only be glued in place if you plan to use the hilt for contact/sparring.