PunkSaber Dark Disciple (Ventress) Chassis Kit


This chassis kit makes installing the PunkSaber Dark Disciple Ventress hilt a breeze. The kit is broken down into 5 parts:

1x NPXL holder (sized for CC Sabers lit hilt side adapter) or Shtok v3
1x Upper section designed to hold 2x 1.7mm micro tactile switches (included)
1x Lower section designed to hold a removable 1865O, 28mm speaker, GHv3 board and a Shtok Rotary PCB.
1x Pommel Spacer
1x Positive battery tab holder (glue in place)

Also included are the 2x 1.7mm height micro tactile switches and battery contact set.

Installation notes:

You will need to sand down the covertec screw with a file or sander until its flush in order to use the removable chassis. Everything else is very straight forward ;)