Pixel PCB Holders (Low profile & standard height)

Available in 1" and 7/8" outer diameters.

I designed these holders to be press fit with TCSS NeoPixel PCBs and pogo pins, but they have been tested to work with Shtok and CCSabers PCB's as well. Offered in a low profile version (8mm tall) and a standard height (20mm tall) they will suit nearly every 1" and 7/8" blade requirement. As with any holder or heatsink, I would recommend a set screw to ensure a movement-free fit once in the emitter.

Minor sanding of the PLA holder may be required depending on the hilt manufacturer due to different tolerances and based on your pogo pin length, or on the inside PCB holder portion depending on the version or brand of the PCB you use. PLA sands easily ;)

Ample clearance is provided on the rear of the holder to ensure the solder points do not interfere with the fitment of the PCB. Simply solder your wires and feed them into the holder for a clean fit.

A small dab of adhesive like e6000 can also be used to secure the PCB in the holder or you can rely on the tension of the wires to seat the PCB in the holder.

PCB and pogo pins not included.