Pixel Blade Tip - Deep Recess (Best Illumination)


These deep recess tips are an amazing way to ensure the best tip illumination possible on your pixel blade. These tips use a thinner interior wall than other brands and because of this the blade (flexible or rigid) can reach further into the cavity.

Thin wall and heavy grade tips available. Thin wall stock will usually have a 1.5mm to 1.8mm wall thickness. Heavy grade stock will have a 2.6mm to 3mm wall thickness.

Please note that these tips are not compatible with polycarbonate tubing from all vendors. See below for compatibility list:

TSM Blade Stock - Yes

Saber Bay - Yes

TCSS - These tips are a bit loose on TCSS stock due to a small variance in wall thickness compared to my TSM blade stock. They will work, but will require a bit of additional adhesive. I recommend using e6000 and allowing the full 24 hour cure before use.

LGT/TXQ - 50/50 - I have tested these tips as replacements for LGT/TXQ blades and it has worked on some and not on others - This seems to be due to manufacturing tolerances and variances from batch to batch.