LGT Compatible Replacement Pixel PCB Holders


Would you like to upgrade the pixel adapter in your LGT hilt with a lit pixel PCB such as a Shtok v3 or CC Sabers pixel adapter? TSM has you covered. These adapters are sized to fit perfectly in the space allotted by the LGT core, meaning no glue is required, though it can always be used for added strength. Simply remove the two screws that hold the top of your core in place and remove your LGT pogo setup, de-solder or unplug your wires from the assembly and replace. Some soldering skill may be necessary depending on your setup, but this small adapter should make the process much easier!

I recommend the use of long (7mm) pogo pins with these holders. The image show short pins as an example, but I find that the 7mm pogos allow for a better connection, vs the short 5mm units.

**These should not be used to replace an in-hilt LED setup unless you are able to reprogram or upgrade your soundboard if required**