KR Sabers 12mm Pixel Switch


In partnership with KR Sabers, I am pleased to offer the KR 12mm Tactile Pixel Switches! These switches are available in two configurations - A parts kit to assemble your own switch and a pre-assembled, wired version. Depending on how its wired and the board you use, a 330-470ohm resistor will be required on the data line, but worry not, a resistor is included with each switch purchases regardless of whether it is assembled or not.

Assembled option includes 6" of wire (red, green and black for pixel, yellow wires for switch) If you have other color preferences for the wiring, please place it in the notes and I will accommodate when available)

**Please be aware that once soldered to, these switches are non-returnable. The PCB is small and thinner than that of a NPXL connector, a fine tip iron and quick work will ensure these amazing switches work and work well for years to come!**

For assistance assembling, check out this video from Khal at KR -