Korbanth Dark Saber Chassis **STL Files**


This listing is for the digital download of the STL files to slice to print your own Korbanth Dark Saber chassis, no electronics are included with this purchase ;) The file has been updated to allow for the use of a 2mm micro tactile or a Shtok PCB Button/LED board. This unit was sized to allow for the easiest insertion and removal possible. Even still, a post hole was added into the pommel area where a 4mm brass threaded insert could be placed to allow the use of a thumb screw to act as a pull tab ;) By purchasing you agree to use this file for personal use only and not to resell or use in commercial applications, or to profit from the file in any way. Please reach out if you require a file for commercial use. See below for chassis specifics.


Board Support - Proffie v1 or v2
Speaker - 28mm Bass (Preferably one with a lower profile such as the 28mm 4ohm 2W available on my and other shops)
Kill Switch (optional) - High Amp
Micro tactile switch area - Designed for a 2mm tall brass stem switch like those sold in my shop or the Shtok Switch PCB for a lit switch.
Pixel PCB Holder - Proprietary to Dark Saber hilt

Printable battery contact holders included in download and allow for ease of install and cleaner prints ;)