Korbanth Dark Saber Chassis Kit


This listing is for a physical printed kit of the Korbanth Dark Saber chassis. Battery contacts and a color matched M3 thumb screw are included (Ex. Black chassis, black thumb screw).

This unit was sized to allow for the easiest insertion and removal possible. Even still, a post hole was added into the pommel area where a 4mm OD brass threaded insert could be placed to allow the use of a thumb screw to act as a pull tab ;) See below for chassis specifics.


Board Support - Proffie v1 or v2
Speaker - 28mm Bass (Preferably one with a lower profile such as the 28mm 4ohm 2W available on my and other shops)
Kill Switch (optional) - High Amp
Micro tactile switch area - Designed for a 2mm tall brass stem switch like those sold in my shop or the Shtok Switch PCB for a lit switch.
Pixel PCB Holder - Proprietary to Dark Saber hilt