Knurled Brass Thumb Screw (6-32 & 8-32)


If you are looking for a high quality brass thumbscrew look no further. Great for blade retention or just as an accent piece, these add another dimension to your build. I enjoy using them as a blade retention for my show sabers, and with the nice patina that forms on brass, they can add a bit of age to your sabers look.

May not be compatible with LGT/YDD/TXQ sabers - This includes hilts from Crimson Dawn, Dark Wolf and similar retailers. Double check the mfg. specification for their retention screws used prior to use.


Thread: 8-32
Length of threaded portion: 3/8"
Head Diameter: .40"

Thread: 6-32
Length of threaded portion: 1/4”
Head Diameter: .37”