Golden Harvest v3 Phase 4 Soundboard

Are you looking for a soundboard full of features for your next saber build? Look no further. These GHv3 boards are amazingly easy to work with. The large solder pads make it exceptionally easy to solder, and the feature list is quite literally 5 pages long... Once wired up to your favorite LED or Pixel setup, nearly every feature can be configured on the fly. Want gesture controls? Easy. Want to change that blade effect in the moment, done. How about 16 sound fonts included with nearly unlimited file options (drag, spin, stab etc.), it has that too. Better still, these options are available in one button or two button configurations. Here are a few great videos discussing/demonstrating the one and two button options...

1 Button -

2 Button -

Features of the Golden Harvest v3

Technical Specifications

Dimensions of 28.5 mm x 18.5 mm x 3.7 mm / 1.12 ” x 0.73 ” x 0.15 ”
Powered by 3.7 V (single 18650 Li-ion cell for example)
Provides 9x LED channels that can be customized independently from each other:
o 4 LED channels can deliver up to 9 A each:
▪ can drive SingleCrees, DualCrees, TriCrees and QuadCrees
▪ can drive Neopixel
5x LED channels can deliver up to 20 mA each:
Can drive accent, crystal chamber or switch LEDs for example
Full customizability even of accent LEDs such as switch LEDs or crystal chamber LEDs using the whole range of our effect engine
MicroSD card slot

Audio Engine
➢ maximum audio amplifier power output: 4 W
Supported speaker power: 1 W - 6 W
Supported speaker impedance: 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm and 32 Ohm (all TSM speakers tested)
High dynamic range: 115 dB
Real-time dynamic range compression
High signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
16 bit audio sample resolution
Integrated speaker protection algorithms:
▪ exceeding voice coil excursion protection
▪ overtemperature protection
▪ overcurrent protection
▪ undervoltage protection
▪ 15 kV ESD protection of speaker output

And so much more!