Cree - R/G/rB/W 1 up LED

Cree XML - R/G/rB/W (If you need a lens, please look in my shop for the Single LED (1 up) Lens, this is not compatible with the Tri-Cree Lens) This new version clearly marks the pads for each LED. A resistor for the Red and Blue LED are now included with every purchase, taking the calculation work out of your build!

The CREE XML-RGBW, Cree XLamp® XM-L Color LED is a multi-color LED, providing high lumen output in a small package. Compared to individual Red, Green, Blue LEDs, the XLamp XM-L RGBW reduces the distance between LED die, creating a small optical source for excellent control and efficient color mixing. This often reduces the separate colors showing up right at the emitter, depending on the depth of the blade insertion. Also of note, having the ability to wire your flash on clash directly to a white LED can be handy with more advanced boards such as the CFX or CF9.