Brass "Fitting" Kit (For use with tubing or solid core wiring)


These solid brass "fitting" kits make a fantastic addition to any hilt that has an 8-32 screw hole. Simply thread the included 8-32 set screw into a new, or pre-existing drilled and tapped 8-32 hole and then thread the brass acorn nut on to it. This creates a solid attachment, and because of the drilled out top, you can also insert a hex key to fine tune the placement and to ensure it does not restrict the insertion of a chassis (or to hold one in place!). Additional finishes are inbound now! Stay tuned.

Kit includes two acorn nuts and two 8-32 set screws.

Hollowed brass or solid brass acorn nuts are available for use as a greeblie or to make your own energy transfer assembly like the examples shown in the photos ;)

The hollowed kits are drilled out and filed by hand, thus the small price difference. Copper core wire sold separately here on the shop.