Brass Crystal Chamber Fins


These crystal chamber supports are cut from 1.10mm thick brass and while tumbled to remove sharp edges, were left in their raw unpolished form. This allows for easy chemical weathering, aging via a vinegar bath, or polishing and finishing by the end user. It also helps keep the cost down ;) Available in raw brass and a burnished finish (like a rose gold).

**PLEASE NOTE** These were specifically designed for my TSM ZERO line of hilts and may not be compatible with products from other vendors. At this point I have tested them on all three of my ZERO hilts, as well as US and SaberTrio hilts. The holes may not align with similar products from other stores and Etsy shops, so I would not recommend mixing and matching unless you have the means to drill new holes if needed.

3D printed and metal "mounts" will be completed shortly and available here on the shop in order to offer a complete kit crystal chamber.


1.10mm Thick Brass
OD of 31.00mm