7/8" Thin Wall - TSM Pixel Blade - 32.5" & 34.8"


These blades are assembled using a high quality rigid pixel strip with hand selected pixels that have been aged tested. They provide perfect colors every time with no variation or gradient. These blades are made with a high quality diffusion foam and a quad wrap of blade film which provides excellent brightness and a rattle free fit. These photos were taken during the middle of the afternoon with light coming through frosted glass and have not been edited or enhanced. 

**These are mid-grade (1.5mm walled blades). Not recommended for full contact dueling/sparring. Perfect for light contact, show, spinning!**

Blade Specifications & Components:

Pixel count - For both sizes I recommend setting any configurations to 135 
TSM Hilt Side PCB
Blade Side PCB Holder (Black printed PLA+)
7/8" OD - 35" Long - 1.5mm wall blade stock with parabolic style tip.
Pixel Foam
Quad wrap of blade film
22AWG Wire