18650 Battery Sleeves

These 18650 battery sleeves are not only a great way to repair a ripped, torn or sliced battery wrapper, they are also a nice, simple way to add a bit of color or design to your saber build. Partner this with a nice vinyl decal with a Jedi or Sith order symbol and you have a standard issue power cell from a galaxy far, far away!

Instructions - Slide your 18650 battery into the sleeve and shrink using a standard hair dryer from several inches away. DO NOT apply an open flame to the shrink wrapper around the battery. I am not responsible in any way, shape or form, for any damage, harm or other outcome from your use of these battery sleeves, properly or improperly. There are amazing "how to" videos available online that can show you how to properly install one of these sleeves. Please do your research prior to purchase and installation.