1" Heavy Grade - TSM Pixel Blade - 32.5" & 34.8"


These blades are assembled using a high quality rigid pixel strip with hand selected pixels that have been aged and tested. They provide perfect colors every time with no variation or gradient. These blades are made with a high quality diffusion foam and a quad wrap of blade film which provides excellent brightness and a rattle free fit. These photos were taken during the middle of the afternoon with light coming through frosted glass and have not been edited or enhanced. 

**All blades are shipped via UPS with tracking provided**

Blade Specifications & Components:

Pixel Count - 135 (This is a general setting that will cover most, if not all blades)
TSM Custom made flexible pixel strips 
TSM Blade Side PCB
Blade Side PCB Holder (Black/Gray/White printed PLA - Colors may vary)
1" OD, 3mm wall blade stock with glued tips for solid retention
Blade foam  
Quad wrap of blade film
22AWG Wire