1.24" OD Chassis - ProffieBoard Holder

This chassis was designed with space in mind. It measures 3-7/8" and locks inside the pommel section of the hilt. No set screw or tape is needed to keep it in place, just slide it in, screw in your pommel and you are finished. I include a spacer ring that can be used as-is, or sanded down to accommodate the different lengths of threads on various pommels from different companies to ensure a rattle-free fit! Compatible with most 1.24-1.25" ID Sabers (Ultrasaber, SaberTrio, MHSv1, etc.) These also work with sabers made by Disney. Two styles are currently available, the ringed version and the square cutout version, both shown in photos. I ship what is in stock in order to get you the parts are quick as possible!

This chassis has a press-fit area designed to hold a ProffieBoard 1.5 or 2.2 soundboard. When installed it elevates the board, allowing the wiring to pass underneath and makes for an extremely clean install. Adhesive is not really needed, however, a dab of glue or Kapton tape will ensure the board is secured and protected for those who plan to spar with their saber. Pay close attention to where the board is placed in the holder as it's easy to miss, refer to the photos in this listing for placement.

Chassis length - 3-7/8th inch long
Chassis diameter - 1.24"
Battery Holder - Keystone 18650 holder required (not included)
Speakers Supported - 28mm (use e6000 or similar to secure the speaker to the lip of the chassis)
Sound board mounting - Proffie or similar sized boards supported