1.24" OD Chassis - CFX Holder

This chassis was designed with space in mind. It measures 3-7/8" and locks inside the pommel section of the hilt. No set screw or tape is needed to keep it in place, just slide it in, screw in your pommel and your finished. I include a spacer ring that can be used as is, or sanded down to accommodate the different lengths of threads on various pommels from different companies to ensure a rattle free fit! Compatible with most 1.24-1.25" ID Sabers (Ultrasaber, MHSv1 etc.)

This chassis has a press fit area designed to hold a CFX (Crystal Focus 10) soundboard. When installed it elevates the board slightly, allowing wiring to pass underneath and makes for an extremely clean install. A dab of adhesive or Kapton tape will ensure the board is secured and protected. It also supports smaller profile boards like the Proffie (both versions) but you will end up securing the board to the chassis and soldering to the top of the board. Proffie specific chassis coming soon!

Chassis length - 3-7/8th inch long
Chassis diameter - 1.24"
Battery Holder - Keystone 18650 holder required
Speakers Supported - 28mm
Sound board mounting - CFX card holder built in, thermal adhesive tape, non-conductive adhesive, 3M tape or similar (not included) to secure any smaller sized board