TSM Accent LED Rotary Switch & USB-C Charge Assembly (Lgt/Nexus compatible)


For multiple years those in the saber community have wanted a new switch solution to replace the standard 12mm AV Switch on their LGT/Nexus products. Well, now you have another option! This is a very versatile switch setup as you can use the included red anodized lever to activate or 3D/Resin print any style switch you can think of. The options for customization are endless! Now available with an onboard accent LED for those boards that require a certain number of blinks to access menu's or changes to the board settings.

**Note - These are designed for use with the new LGT/Nexus setups that have a dedicated USB-C access hole in the handle/switch area and are raised via the rear M3/M4 set screw from the back of the switch area. They will still work with the older Switch/Recharge port setups, but require 10mm stand-off's (Included) and filing/cutting of the plastic lid (See photos for details) of the core to be able to raise the switch up to the proper height. 10mm stand-offs are included with each purchase**

Please note that this switch assembly currently operates as a single button configuration and is a direct swap (with slight modification to the plastic chassis) on most LGT/Nexus cores. A new and separate PCB is already designed and in production that will turn this switch into a 2 or 3 button configuration for use with LGT/Nexus cores. The multi switch PCB option is slated to arrive in the next 10-14 business days. Stay tuned!

Installation Tips:

The only required modification to use is to file, grind or cut, the switch area into a square/rectangular shape. See photos for examples. With a standard square hand file it took me 7 minutes to file away the excess material and clean the edges with an Xacto blade.