TSM 3 Way Rotary Momentary Switch Assembly (DIY)


I absolutely love unique and custom switches to use on saber builds. So I am overly excited to introduce this new product to the community! This is a very versatile switch setup and is three independent momentary switches in one! Twist left for momentary switch activation, twist right for a separate momentary switch activation and lastly, press it down for yet another momentary switch activation! The best part is that you get to assign what each lever direction or press does via simple wiring ;))

You can use the included red anodized aluminum lever to activate or 3D/Resin print any style switch cap you can think of. The options for customization are endless!


With well labeled pads, top and bottom solder options and a common ground, wiring this couldn't be any easier. For switch activation you can wire it for one, two or three way activation. You could also bridge the left and right to make either direction activation or aux, and then wire the up/down pad for use as the second switch, and yes, you can then push right or left and down simultaneously to activate certain 2 button functions on Proffie, GHv3 or CFX ;))


Dimensions - 19.9mm L - 13.3mm W - 16.8mm T (Without switch lever/cap)

**Wholesale pricing available - Shoot me a message if interested**