1" to 7/8" Blade Adapter - Machined Aluminum


I have always loved the brightness and feel of a 7/8" blade, but sabers that use them are few and far between, with 1" blades being so common. After making and using a 3D printed adapter, I still found myself wanting something more durable and something that could add a little extra to a custom build, so I designed and had machined a T6061 Aluminum 1" to 7/8 blade adapter!

**Specifications: (Please verify blade depth prior to ordering)**

Minimum blade depth required - 1" (These are aluminum so trimming them down is possible)

Collar height - 0.12" (3.17mm)

Crenulation height - 0.24" (6mm)

1x 4-40 - 0.050" set screw included for securing your 7/8" blade into the adapter.

1x Hex wrench will also be supplied